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    Thip Khao

    Stir-fried Rice-fermented Sour Pork

    banana leaves / peppers (bird's eye chilies) / garlic / salt / sugar / black pepper / pork belly / ginger / onion / mushrooms / tomato / fish sauce / herbs / sticky rice

    Thip Khao's signature dish, muu som, bursts with flavor from ginger, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garden-fresh bird's eye chilies, which complement the complex flavor of fermented pork. The dish is served with sticky rice.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Discover the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine in Washington, D.C., as Seth Tillman heads to Lao restaurant Thip Khao. Chef Seng Luangranth helps explore the rich traditions of Lao cuisine and the art of fermentation. From the fiery bird's eye chilies — homegrown in Chef Seng's Northern Virginia garden — to the tantalizing fermented pork belly, each ingredient tells a unique story of Lao culture and innovation. Back at Thip Khao in Columbia Heights, Chef Seng showcases her expertise by cooking up muu som, a delectable dish bursting with ginger, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, garden-fresh chilies, and the complex flavor of fermented pork. To complete the experience, Seth learns how to eat muu som with sticky rice, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

    Laotian food, the restaurant's calling card, tugs at my heartstrings with its Thai references, sharp edges and a reliance on grilling and steaming over frying.

    Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post

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    Thip Khao

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