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    Spiced Lamb Shoulder

    brown sugar / salt / Syrian seven spice

    Maydan's signature dish is cured overnight in brown sugar and salt, then rubbed with Syrian seven spice. The lamb shoulder is cooked sous vide at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 18 hours, cooled down, and then hung over the fire to get a smoky and crispy exterior. It is served with various sauces such as muhammara (roasted red peppers and walnuts) and zucchini baba ganoush, and diners are encouraged to tear the tone bread and dip it into the sauces while enjoying the flavorful and tender lamb.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Seth heads to Maydan, a Middle Eastern restaurant near U St. in Washington, D.C., to meet executive chef co-owner Rose Previte and executive chef Darnell Thomas and learn the secrets of hearth cooking. Chef Darnell, master of the fire, teaches Seth how to start and maintain their enormous hearth, the centerpiece of Maydan's kitchen. From recycled embers to starter logs and an ember bed, Darnell guides him through the process of getting the fire going and using it to cook dishes like the lamb shoulder. The lamb shoulder is cured overnight, rubbed with Syrian seven spice, and cooked in a sous vide before being smoked and crisped over the fire. But as Seth learns, it's not just about cooking, it's about managing fire and teamwork, all while enjoying the company of others around the table. 

    Many restaurants boast of inspired flavors and technique, but few flaunt such cooking prowess as Maydan — a veritable showstopper whose roaring hearth verges on wildfire.

    Michelin Guide 2020

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