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    Goat Egusi

    melon seeds (egusi) / goat / veggies / peppers / onions / ginger / garlic / tomatoes / palm oil / salt / spinach / secret spice

    Appioo's goat egusi starts with a base of melon seeds, known as egusi, which are blended into a paste and combined with a rich blend of habanero peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, and fresh tomatoes stewed in palm oil. The dish is elevated with the addition of green and red peppers, secret spices, and a special ingredient called xylopia. While the vegetarian version showcases the vibrant flavors of the egusi and vegetable medley, the option to add tender and flavorful goat meat provides an extra layer of indulgence.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Seth "travels" to Ghana by the way of U Street in Washington, D.C., to Appioo to try a taste of West African Cuisine. He meets up with Owner Prince Matey to examine the make up of African cuisine and to enjoy the signature goat egusi, a Ghanaian stew.

    You will be full and happy when you leave this restaurant. They have an impressive array of vegetarian and vegan options and the food is flavorful and portions are huge.

    Rene H., Yelp

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