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    True Blue Maryland Crab Burger

    Maryland blue crab / lobster tails / scallops / wild blue shrimp

    The true blue Maryland crab burger is made with Maryland blue crab without any breadcrumbs or fillers, creating a crab cake that is more like a burger. The patty is formed by folding in a mousse made from shellfish such as lobster tails, scallops, and wild blue shrimp, adding an abundance of flavor. The burger is pan-seared, then cooked in the oven, and served on an olive oil bun with house-made condiments like cucumber tomato relish or spicy sambal for an extra kick.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Seth Tillman heads to Washington, D.C. restaurant FishScale to experience their signature dish, the mouthwatering true blue Maryland crab burger. Chefs and co-owners Brandon and Kristal Williams walk Seth through their take on a Maryland classic, made using the finest Maryland blue crab. No breadcrumbs or fillers here, just pure crab meat packed into a delicious burger. Brandon shares the secret behind their unique creation — a shellfish mousse made from lobster tails, scallops, and wild blue shrimp. This culinary invention requires precision and care, resulting in a flavor-packed patty. Watch as they carefully assemble the burger, season it with pink Himalayan salt and pepper, and add their house-made cucumber tomato relish for the perfect balance of flavors. 

    Perhaps my palate fooled me, but that burger had a depth and richness that no mere crab cake could touch.

    Tim Carman, The Washington Post

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