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    Fish Head Curry

    roots / leaves / fennel grain / poppy seed /chili / galangal flower / curry powder / coconut / cod fish heads

    Nyonya curry fish head is a flavorful and aromatic dish that features a symphony of roots, flowers, and leaves, including fennel grain, poppy seed, chili, and galangal flower. The curry is made with curry powder and coconut, and the dish is garnished with Laksa leaves. The fish heads, in this case, cod fish heads, are blanched and added to the broth, providing a tender and gelatinous texture.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Host Seth Tillman visits Malaysia Kopitiam, a Malaysian restaurant specializing in Nyonya cuisine located in Centreville, Virginia. He's greeted by Leslie and Penny Phoon who welcome him to their restaurant. Penny, the chef, shows Seth the beautiful ingredients that they use to prepare their signature Nyonya curry fish head. This Peranakan cuisine boasts a symphony of roots, flowers, and leaves, creating a delicious and aromatic flavor. Penny uses a unique ingredient, galangal flower, which she used to have shipped all the way from Malaysia, but now can get locally, to make this authentic Malaysian-inspired food. They use cod fish heads in their dish which are blanched to reduce their fishy flavor. The restaurant also offers fish filet for those who prefer an easier-to-eat option.

    The long menu is flush with various rice and noodle dishes in various soups and sauces, like the curry laksa and mee goreng, and they all find ways to taste both comforting and electric.

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    Malaysian Kopitiam

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