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    Nim Ali

    Transmetro Shuko

    steak / bacon / hot dog / al pastor / chorizo / ham / cabbage / guacamole / mayonnaise / mustard / ketchup / Picamas sauce

    The transmetro shuko is a Guatemalan sandwich made with a special 12-inch bread that is crunchy and stands up to the weight of six different types of meat, including steak, bacon, hot dog, al pastor, chorizo, and ham. It is topped with fresh sautéed cabbage, guacamole, and a combination of four sauces, including mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and a spicy sauce called Picamas. The transmetro is known for its size, flavor, and vibrant colors, representing the diversity of Guatemalan cuisine.

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    From Prep to Plate

    Discover the flavors of Guatemala with Signature Dish host Seth Tillman as he visits Nim Ali, a Latin American restaurant specializing in Guatemalan street food at the Western Market Food Hall in Washington, D.C. Seth meets chef Karla Alonzo and learns about Nim Ali's signature dish, a meat-stuffed sandwich called the transmetro shuko (sometimes spelled shuco). This 12-inch masterpiece — one of D.C.'s best sandwiches — features six types of savory meats and four delectable sauces, all nestled between a special recipe bread that stays delightfully crunchy even under the formidable weight of the fillings. Watch as Karla expertly assembles the transmetro, grilling the meats to perfection and adding fresh cabbage for a touch of crispness. The secret ingredient? A spicy sauce straight from Guatemala, ensuring an authentic flavor you won't find anywhere else. Seth is taken aback by the richness of the meats, the refreshing slaw, and the kick of the Guatemalan spicy sauce. Nim Ali is a must-try sandwich for sandwich lovers and those looking for great DC Latin American food.

    Traditional Guatemalan hotdogs, known as Shukos, come in delightfully toasted buns loaded with meat (sausage or chorizo), guacamole, ketchup, mayo and mustard but at Nim Ali, they’re taking them to a load new level. 

    Mª Del Rosario Castro Diaz, Secret DC

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    Nim Ali

    2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
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