Closeup of Sando at Wooboi.
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    The Sando

    shio koji / sake / mirin / salts / buttermilk / "love sauce" / slaw / pickles / "comeback sauce"

    Wooboi's Sando features a crispy fried chicken sandwich with varying spice levels. The chicken is brined in a mixture of Japanese spices, shio koji, sake, mirin, salts, and buttermilk to create mellow flavors, and then coated with a special Nashville seasoning, referred to as the "love sauce," which includes a blend of four different peppers, smoked peppers, and sweet peppers. The sandwich is served with a refreshing slaw, pickles, and their signature "comeback sauce" on a bun, offering a perfect balance of flavors and heat.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Seth Tillman visits Wooboi in Alexandria where Chef Michael demonstrates the meticulous process of preparing the Sando, a Japanese Nashville-inspired fried chicken sandwich. They discuss the different spice levels, with Michael introducing the options, including the infamous Carolina Reaper. Despite warnings, Seth bravely tries the Code Blue, and experiences its fiery intensity.

    At a time when Americans are arguing over their favorite fast-food chicken sandwich, I’ll take Choi’s sneaky hot Sando (level one or two) on a potato bun any day of the week.

    Tim Carman, The Washington Post

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    531 Montgomery St
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