Closeup of La Casina Ottavo Colle pinsa.
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    La Casina

    Ottavo Colle

    rice flour/ potatoes / salt / olive oil from Italy / black pepper / lardo di colonnata (cured lard) / mozzarella cheese

    The Ottavo Colle pinsa is characterized by its distinct oval shape, unique dough made from rice flour, and flavorful toppings — including three different types of potatoes and cured lard. It's praised for its light and airy texture and the blend of traditional and innovative elements in its preparation.

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    From Prep to Plate

    Seth Tillman visits La Casina, an Italian pizzeria in the Capitol Hill neighborhood to sample some of D.C.'s best pizza. Chefs and co-owners Angela Andellini and Fabrizio Costantini prepare the dough for their "Ottavo Colle" pizza — which they call "pinsa" in the Roman fashion — using a house-made starter. It results in a distinct crust, which is topped with potatoes, olive oil, and Lardo di Colonatta.

    Culinary couple Angela and Fabrizio Costantini relocated from Rome to bring D.C. a true taste of Italy with the opening of La Casina... The family-friendly restaurant specializes in the Roman art of cloud-like “pinsa” pizza that’s curiously crispy on the outside but super soft in the center.

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    La Casina

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