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    Magret de Canard

    Moulard Duck Breast | Cranberry Gastrique | Sweet Potato Soufflé | Candied Cranberries | Oranges | Carrots | Cipollini | Tuscan Kale

    Magret de Canard from Bastille features moulard duck breast. The duck breast is meticulously prepared by scoring and seasoning before being cooked in a vaccum bag to seal in flavor and tenderize the meat. Served with accompaniments like braised kale, baby carrots, sweet potato souffle, and a cranberry orange gastrique, the dish offers a delightful balance of meatiness from the duck, sweetness from the gastrique, and a variety of textures from the garnishes.

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    From Prep to Plate

    The duck breast is trimmed and scored before being seasoned generously with salt and pepper and placed in a sous vide bag with garlic, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, and olive oil. After sous vide cooking at 52 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes, the duck is seared in a hot pan to develop a crispy skin and render out excess fat. Once seared on all sides, the breast is rested, sliced, and plated with braised kale, baby carrots, baby onions, sweet potato souffle, and a cranberry orange gastrique.

    My favorite, the Moullard duck breast, was served with a Jerez vinegar and honey gastrique, roasted peaches, Swiss chard, and creamy stone-ground grits. No disappointments here. The duck was cooked to a perfect medium rare and wonderfully well-seasoned. 

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