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    The Entremet

    sour cream chocolate cake / whipped chocolate ganache / chocolate-coated cereal balls / pop rock candies / Oreo cookie crumble / passion fruit caramel sauce

    The Entremet is a unique take on a birthday cake, featuring layers of sour cream chocolate cake, whipped chocolate ganache (including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate), crunchy chocolate-coated cereal balls, pop rock candies, Oreo cookie crumble, and passion fruit caramel sauce. The presentation is dramatic, as it is revealed at the table with the dome of the cake being lightly melted and lit with 151-proof rum, creating a memorable and delicious experience for diners.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Seth Tillman takes a tour of a real life chocolate factory in Sterling, Virginia where Chef Santosh of The Conche makes the chocolate for his delectable desserts. Back at the restaurant in Leesburg, Santosh demonstrates how he puts together the Conche Chocolate Entremet, a rich cake and ice cream dessert built inside a gold dusted dome and then cracked open by lighting 151 proof rum on fire.

    This chocolate restaurant is 100% worth traveling for whether you've coming from California, Michigan Florida or beyond. It's especially a no-brainer if you live in the DC Metro area and Leesburg, Virginia, in Loudoun County, is a short drive. You need not be a chocolate lover to visit. The only prerequisite is desiring a fresh, inventive meal with incredible flavors.

    Mikkel Woodruff, Sometimes Home

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    The Conche

    1605 Village Market Blvd SE
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