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    Chipperbec potatoes / Cheese curds / Duck and chicken stock / Chanterelle mushrooms / Garlic / Shallots / White wine / Butter / Salt / Pepper / Olive oil

    Le Mont Royal's signature dish is an elevated version of Poutine, a classic Canadian comfort food. While traditionally consisting of potatoes, cheese curds, and gravy, this rendition features Chipperbec potatoes for a crispy texture, cheese curds sourced from Vermont or Wisconsin, and a rich two-bird gravy made from duck and chicken stock. Additionally, chanterelle mushrooms sautéed with garlic and shallots are added as a gourmet twist, enhancing the dish with earthy flavors and complexity.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Host Seth Tillman heads to Le Mont Royal, a French Canadian restaurant in Washington, D.C.'s Adams Morgan neighborhood to meet Chef Bart Hutchins. Bart demonstrates how to make poutine — French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy — with a twist. Chef Bart's addition of chanterelle mushrooms sautéed with garlic, shallots, and white wine add rich flavor to the classic Montreal food.

    If nothing else, Montreal is known for its poutine obsession, and Hutchins serves two kinds to nosh on: one for carnivores doused in a hearty chicken-and-duck sauce, and a vegetarian version marrying mushroom and miso. When the gravy-and-fries pas de deux isn’t enough, decadent add-ons include foie gras, duck confit, black truffles, and caviar.

    Evan Caplan, Eater DC

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    Le Mont Royal

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