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    Inca Social

    Nikkei Ceviche

    Fresh tuna loin / Salt / pepper / Peruvian leche de tigre / Japanese seasonings / Peruvian peppers / Corn / Cancha (toasted corn kernels)

    Inca Social's Nikkei ceviche is a unique fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. It features fresh tuna loin cut into small cubes and seasoned with salt and pepper, then marinated in a blend of traditional Peruvian leche de tigre infused with Japanese flavors. The dish is garnished with a mix of Asian and Peruvian ingredients, such as Peruvian peppers, corn, and cancha, providing a balanced and flavorful bite.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Host Seth Tillman heads to Inca Social, a Peruvian restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. There, he meets co-owner Fito Garcia and executive chef/co-owner Michael Ciuffardi, who show him how to make the Latin restaurant's unique dish: Nikkei ceviche, a seafood dish which combines Peruvian and Japanese influences.

    Amid a hypnotic kaleidoscope of bright festive colors complemented by clever design features inspired by Peru’s lush natural geography and rich cultural legacy, the dishes present a fascinating lesson in the history and culture of Peru.

    Wesley Jefferies, VIP Alexandria Magazine

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    Inca Social

    1776 Wilson Blvd Unit #1
    Arlington, VA 22209

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