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    Latin Kabkabou

    branzino / prawns / bottarga sauce / sweet plantain terrine / cilantro flowers

    Latin Kabkabou is a fusion dish inspired by a Tunisian fish stew, with a Latin twist. It features branzino that has been aged, prawns, and a bottarga sauce made from cured fish roe. The dish is garnished with a sweet plantain terrine and cilantro flowers, offering a flavorful blend of aged fish, rich sauces, and bright, zesty accents.

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    From Prep to Plate

    Host Seth Tillman heads to Imperfecto for a fusion of Mediterranean and Latin American flavors. Chef René González demonstrates the preparation of the Latin Kabkabou, a fish stew originating from Northern Tunisia. René begins by filleting a branzino. After aging for two days in a brine, the fish is pan-seared and served with a bottarga sauce, sweet plantain terrine and cilantro flowers.

    The food at this D.C. restaurant is Mediterranean, but with influences from Chef’s native Venezuela. The dishes are as perfect as the setting; full of color and flavor and art. 

    Priya Konings, The Dining Traveler

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    1124 23rd St NW
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