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    fresh crabs / shrimp / crab meat / palm oil / Yucca / salt / powdered smoked catfish / lemon juice / pureed habanero peppers / homemade spice mixture / pure tamarin

    Ebbeh is a unique and flavorful dish from The Gambia and showcases the abundance of seafood in the region. It features a thickened broth created by blending yucca root with water. The broth is infused with powdered smoked catfish, lemon juice, pureed habanero peppers, homemade spices, and tamarin, which adds a tangy flavor. Fresh crabs, shrimp, and crab meat enhance the dish, and palm oil gives the broth a distinct flavor and bright orange color.

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    From Prep to Plate

    Seth Tillman visits Mansa Kunda in Takoma Park, where Chef Hatib Joof demonstrates how to cook ebbeh, a unique seafood dish that has its roots in the Gambia, West Africa. The dish features shrimp, crabs and crab meat. Hatib uses yucca to thicken the broth, and flavors it with smoked catfish, habanero peppers, tamarin, lemon juice, and his secret ingredient: palm oil.

    Takoma Park’s terrific Mansa Kunda provides a portal to West Africa.

    Tim Carmen, The Washington Post

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