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    Duck Jambalaya

    rendered duck fat / rice / caramelized onions / trinity mix / braised duck meat / green onions / parsley / house-made duck stock

    Dauphine's duck jambalaya features a special rice sourced from Prairie Ronde farm in Youngsville, Louisiana. The aromatic rice is cooked with rendered duck fat, caramelized onions, trinity mix (a combination of vegetables), braised duck meat, green onions, parsley, and a house-made duck stock. The dish is rich, savory, and flavorful, showcasing the essence of New Orleans cuisine.

    Signature Dish

    From Prep to Plate

    Seth makes his way to Midtown in Washington, D.C., to try the New Orleans-inspired duck jambalaya with Chef Kristin Essig at her popular restaurant Dauphine's. Kristin shows Seth how to cook her signature jambalaya, showcasing the creole spices, highlighting the importance of Louisiana rice, and explaining why you have to keep the dutch oven closed while cooking this quintessential Louisiana dish.

    There is no denying Chef Kristen Essig’s immense skill, as she prepares a delicious tapestry of New Orleans dishes — with zero fuss and maximum flavor.

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