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    Duck Adobo

    Duck / Black garlic / Filipino soy sauce / Coconut vinegar / Duck stock / Coconut milk / Sugar / Mushroom seasoning / Bay leaf / Black pepper / Scallions / Garlic chips / Duck skin / Jasmine rice / Forbidden rice

    Hiraya's duck adobo is a creative twist on a classic Filipino adobo using duck as the protein. It incorporates traditional adobo flavors such as soy sauce and vinegar but elevates it with the addition of black garlic, coconut vinegar, and coconut milk, resulting in a rich and tangy sauce that complements the fatty duck meat perfectly.

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    From Prep to Plate

    Seth Tillman heads to Hiraya on H St., NE in Washington, DC. There, Executive Chef Julie Cortes introduces their unique take on a Filipino adobo, which uses duck confit instead of a more traditional meat. Chef Julie demonstrates the cooking process, including sautéing garlic, preparing the adobo sauce with Filipino soy sauce, coconut vinegar, and duck stock, and searing the duck breast and legs.

    Hiraya pulled it off: a Filipino fine-dining experience that encapsulates the iconic comfort foods while elevating the flavors to new heights. The chef included the subtle flavors while balancing out the salty, sweet, and fatty elements that tend to overpower Filipino dishes. The result is a ratatouille-like medley of flavors that bring back days of youth.

    Jacob H., Yelp

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