Caruso's Grocery: Chicken Parmigiana
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    Caruso's Grocery

    Chicken Parmigiana

    tomato sauce / chicken / flour / eggs / breadcrumbs / mozzarella / parmesan

    The Chicken Parmigiana at Caruso's Grocery starts with a flavorful tomato sauce made from California tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onions, Italian seasoning, and various spices. The chicken is pounded thin for tenderness, coated in seasoned flour, egg, and house-made breadcrumbs, then deep-fried until golden brown. Finally, it's smothered in the tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and served with a side of spaghetti marinara. The result is a classic Italian-American dish with a crispy exterior, tender chicken, and a rich tomato sauce.

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    Host Seth Tillman visits Caruso's Grocery, an Italian restaurant in Southeast Washington, D.C., to learn how to make their chicken parmesan and tomato sauce. The sauce starts with olive oil, garlic, onions, salt, and Italian seasoning, followed by California tomatoes. The chicken is pounded thin, coated in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs, fried until golden brown, then layered with mozzarella.

    Chicken parmesan is the restaurant’s No. 1 seller — and one of the top examples in the region. A lot of time and attention are lavished on the seemingly simple entree.

    Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post

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    Caruso's Grocery

    914 14th St SE
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