7 MInute Egg sandwich
  • Washington DC

    Green Almond Pantry

    7 Minute Egg Sandwich

    homemade bread / eggs / olive oil / watermelon radish salad

    The 7 Minute Egg sandwich starts with homemade bread, which is toasted and drizzled with olive oil but the centerpiece is the "jammy" soft-boiled eggs. The watermelon radish salad adds a burst of color and freshness. The creamy eggs and the crispy radishes complement each other beautifully, while the lemony dressing and anchovies add depth and complexity to each bite.

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    Host Seth Tillman heads to Green Almond Pantry, a Georgetown restaurant serving Mediterranean food, where chef/owner Cagla Onal-Urel demonstrates how to make a unique seven-minute egg sandwich. She starts by making fresh bread and a watermelon radish salad with various ingredients like lemon peel, red onion, celery, parsley, pickled mustard seed, and seasoning. The centerpiece of the sandwich is jammy eggs, olive oil, and lemon juice, which are topped with the radish salad and anchovies.

    I love the seven-minute egg sandwich, in which a velvety yolk attempts (and fails) to muzzle the salt and light oiliness of the anchovies. 

    Tim Carmen, The Washington Post

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    Green Almond Pantry

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